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Haukafell Kindred

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February 22nd, 2009

colmunson @ 10:36 am: Charming of the Plow blot Thank You
Hails All,

Just wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who made it to our crazy-go-nutz blot on Saturday, not to mention Master Tor's birthday shin-dig. He certainly was awed by the presentation of his cake! We have spent today slowly opening the gifts so that he can play with them at his own pace. Thank you all for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

It was certainly a wild and woolly day with the gaggle of kids we had in the house, in the yard, on the roof, under the trees, in the pond...OK I am getting carried away. point is, I think the under-ten crowd had a good time and I am grateful to all the grown-ups for being so patient and lending a hand in monitoring the play and directing the clean-up.

Our pre-blot discussion revolved around Gefjun and the significance of the Gylfaginning story. We also discussed the realities of agrarian life at this time of year; the shortage of stores, the work of preparing and repairing your tools for spring planting and so forth. "Spring cleaning" is not done in spring, but in preparation for it.

The blot itself was cheery, personal and quite informal (ahem). Obviously the highlight wasn't the blot's content, but rather what preceded it - the Ancient Ordeal of Fire Making. Having Becky's flint and steel to play with was a blast. Though the only true blasts were from Greg; first the blast of sparks, then the blasts of his expertly applied breath to fan the flames. Other folk helped too, of course, with several taking a stab at using the steel. Char cloth is a must.  WE MADE FIRE!!!

Silly as it was, we certainly all gained a new appreciation of how essential fire making was to our ancestors, and how fragile one can feel waiting in the dark, damp cold as your kinfolk work manfully (and womanfully) to bring you sustaining warmth. My other favorite part of the blot was the mega-flocks of geese who crossed over head while we hailed the landvaettir. It was also nice to have Miss E volunteer to do the sprinkling of blessings, though we sort of lost focus as a result.

Big thanks to everyone for contributing to the feast! It was all delicious. Lewen's apple cake was my personal fave. Next time...more cheezy poofs since the kids sorta wiped us out (and we'll make sure there is diet soda next time). If anyone wants them, I will share the chili and quiche recipes.

Sumbel was thought-provoking. There seemed to be a theme in the later rounds of learning, teaching and seeking new wisdom (both for one's own benefit and for the benefit of kin and community). This was tempered by convictions of respect and appreciation; for our own as well as others' cultures and spiritual paths. It seems many of us are determined to make this a year of intellectual growth. What a cool thing!

So again, thank you all for coming and making it a great day. As always, our hails and well wishes to those who wanted to come, but couldn't. Never fear, we'll catch up soon enough.


February 12th, 2009

colmunson @ 03:22 pm: Charming of the Plow blot, Saturday, February 21

Hails All!

You are cordially invited to attend Haukafell's Charming of the Plow blot, Saturday, February 21. Here's the scoop:

* 2:00 pm - Birthday for Tor Munson
 - As we did last year, we will be combining this blot day with an informal party for our son who is turning two this year. If you would like to arrive early to enjoy the party, feel free. However, please note that NO gifts are required. Since Tor is just two, this party is as much for the parents among us as it is for Master Tor.  If kids parties are not your bag, plan on arriving around 3:30 pm.

* 4:00 pm - Pre-Blot Discussion:

* 5:00 pm - Blot
 - This is Haukafell's traditional Plow Charming blot, so if you have any garden tools, or some other important tool you would like to have blessed for the coming year, feel free to bring it!  Gardening implements are most traditional, of course, but anything you rely on for your livelihood,  health etc. is also fine. Just be sure the item is fairly mead-proof. ;)

* 6:00 pm - Potluck Feast:
 - If you wish to bring a food contribution, please e-mail me at theridion@gmail.com.

* 8:00 pm or thereabouts - Sumbel.


Google map:

   Directions from the Munson's website: http://www.destinyslobster.com/directions.htm
(Look for the Raven banner flying from the porch)

Please email us at: Haukafell@haukafellkindred.org to RSVP, or for further information.

We hope to see you there!


 - Eric Munson


November 17th, 2008

colmunson @ 12:36 pm: Ancestor Blot Thank You
Hailsa All,

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you to everyone who graced our home with your company Saturday. The discussion, blot and sumbel all held deep reflections and meaning for me and I hope you all also got something out of it. It was also a heck of a lot of fun to host something. We haven't in such a long time it seems. Thanks also for all the yummy food and sweets folks contributed. I will post the chicken recipe, as requested. In the mean time, here are links to the two poems we read. Both are from 'Odin's Gift.' If you haven't explored that cool site yet, go for it...




 - eric


June 23rd, 2008

colmunson @ 08:51 am: Renninger's Extravaganza This Saturday!

This coming Saturday is the Renninger's Antiques Extravaganza in Kutztown. Haukafell will be going (probably with a pre-set budget!) to hunt for all the goodies Heathens love such as Heathenish/folkish art, cool things for ritual implements or altar decor, home items like non-electric kitchen gadgets and vintage tools and so on and so forth. With over 300 antique dealers at the event, you name it - it's probably there somewhere!

After we get tired of gawking, we will retire to Kutztown's city park on Main St. to enjoy some shade, swings and food. That evening is also the Virginville Pennsylvania Dutch Film Festival which some of us may be attending.

Let us know if you'd care to join us. We will be aiming for an arrival time of 9:00am at the Extravaganza gate. Hunting parties will likely communicate via cell phone. :)


 - eric

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May 29th, 2008

colmunson @ 10:59 am: April Park Moot Pix

Our good friend Maggie has uploaded some pictures she took at the Park Moot in April. You can see them here

Thanks Maggie! The pics remind me of how much fun we had (and how much I need to practice kubb).


May 5th, 2008

colmunson @ 03:42 pm: Wrap-up: May Day Freyja Blot - Sat. 5/3
Just a quick post to say a big thank you to everyone who made it Saturday to our blot in honor of Freyja. About a dozen adults and assorted halflings were in attendance including all four Haukafell members (finally!), Chris L., Curt, Pat, and Maggie. Janina, Rob, Mike and Melissa were missed, but hey, life gets in the way sometimes.

While the herd of kids enjoyed themselves upstairs, the grown-ups hung out in the kitchen and talked about brewing, among other things. Turns out Curt is a brewer too, so I offered samples of some of my stuff and we all shared the joys and pains of fermentation. :)

Later, we sat down to enjoy a hearty discussion about the Vanadis led by Jen. She had just finished Patty Lafayllve's book, 'Freyja, Lady, Vanadis'  and this gave us a solid footing for discussing the many varied aspects of the goddess in lore and in life.

The blot itself was warm and intimate. Offerings of flowers, mead, rum, fruits, cookies and more were consumed by the flames. Offerings to the Landvaettir were given to the earth. Over the horn, folk spoke of love, fertility, spring, passion, beauty and inner strength.

The feast was yummy (of course!) Thanks to everyone who provided victuals! 

After dinner, we gathered in the living room for sumbel by candle light. One feature of this and the blot as well was the appearance of the Kindred's new official minne horn (yay!). It has yet to be carved, but Jesse and Becky brought the newly-purchased blank horn with them to show us all. It has a nice polish already and is quite clean, so we couldn't resist quickly trimming the unfinished lip, washing it out well and using it.  It is a trick horn - not easy to tell where to aim the tip so that you don't get blessed. We joked that we should carve "drink from this side" in runes on it. One person who shall remain nameless did get blessed (ga-dunk!). Despite that, it served well and holds well over a wine bottle's worth of mead.

Toasts during symbel included Freyja, Njord, Odin, wild grandparents, nameless ancestors of courage, women who have persevered through suffering, those seeking second chances in the face of the unknown, and the spirit of exploration. As usual, I was impressed and moved by the depth of feeling and insight exhibited by our friends. Oh, we also had one gift presented. Chris gave his daughter an advance birthday present - a silver Valkyrie pendant! We all hailed her and basked in their shared joy and pride.

Conversation continued to flow freely into the evening. Maggie and I love-bombed Curt regarding the joys of SCA heavy weapons combat. ;)  We capped off the evening by sharing a birthday cake Beck made for Jesse (who is now an ancient 29 winters old). Maggie and I attempted the Viking Birthday Song, but we realized we seriously need to look up the lyrics and either memorize them or print them out for next time. *hangs head in shame*

So thank you again for coming and sharing the day with us. Our next gathering will be in Reading, June 7th.

Some of us will also be attending the Philly Asatru Meet-up in Reading on May 30. See you soon!

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May 2nd, 2008

colmunson @ 09:38 am: Peregrine Falcon Cam
There are some Peregrine Falcons living on the PP&L building in downtown Allentown.
WFMZ (local news station) installed a "Falcon Cam" to watch them. Check it out!


Now I ask you...could you ask for a better treat around May Day?
Hail the Falcons!
Hail Freyja!

Thanks friggasgirl


April 22nd, 2008

colmunson @ 10:39 am: May Day Freyja Blot - Sat. 5/3, Pennsburg, PA

Where in the sunlit world do I find her?
In the pregnant orchard, globed with peaches,
Lit with green leaves?

In the Ocean shores?
They are loud with her footsteps.
Her amber tears wash up on the beaches
And folk go raking them.

In the beat of fire?
Oh no, where heat is, there is Freya.
Coaxing heady, full-lipped
Calling in beauty.

In the lilt of music?
But dancing calls me to her, the sway
And lovely fetching is all in her nature.

In the depths of magic?
She is its very mistress, holding hard
To the meaning she creates
By the strength of her will.

In prophecy?
The very act of asking
Carries her name, and her hope
Is all that allows me to ask.


April 21st, 2008

colmunson @ 11:33 am: Park Moot Redux, April 19
Thanks to everyone who joined us at Green Lane Park Saturday!

As Jesse said, everyone who couldn't make it was missed, but we know you were there in spirit. Haukafell had the pleasure of hosting Rob, Jon and Brandy and their kids, Chris L and his kids, our SCA chum Maggie, Brian and Sharon and new local Heathen couples Mike and Melissa (plus kids), Curt and Jo. So 15 adults in all plus 12 kids (I think). There was a ton of conversation and I dare say some new friendships were kindled.

The kids had a blast. I credit myself with thinking of investing in the foam swords from the dollar store (go me). However, we did have some issues with non-Heathen kids joining in the play. Not a problem in itself, but one kid was playing rough and it was awkward to have to discipline him when his mom wasn't doing anything about it. I will have to re-think providing these sorts of toys at public venues. It's one thing when you know all the kids, and they can all be taught to play by the same rules. But anyway, the kids being occupied was a win-win. While they dueled and stole pirate gold and climbed rocks or playground equipment, the grown-ups got to talk and play kubb. At one point, Jesse Mike and I took our munchkins on a "hike" to see a "waterfall" - the spill dam for the reservoir. That was cool.

I got burned pretty badly. (oh right..April..no leafy canopy in the picnic area...D'oh!) Serves me right for not remembering to put on any sun screen, I guess. But luckily I tend to burn then tan, so maybe I'll be better off next time.

The kubb game was great. Jon, Becky, Jen and a kid who's name I forget did a good job of beating Brian, Rob, Curt and myself. We _almost_ made a brilliant comeback. Almost. I am looking forward to seeing the pics that Maggie took. Becky is a natural! We have decided that Jon will be the model for the next cover of Kubb Illustrated. I swear, the dude looked like a professional bowler or something...the form...the grace...the focus...the footwork...the...damn! Missed it by that much!  We'll have to make kubb available again soon.  Haukafell needs to practice so we can maybe play at ECT.

The food was yummy. Melissa out-did us all by bringing her chicken and pepper skewers. Otherwise, it was just good ol' dogs and burgers and such. However, we discovered in conversation that more of the attendees are into healthy eating than we had suspected, so Jen wants to get more creative next time. Sharon had asked us if it would be OK for her to surprise Brian with a b-day cake (40th), and of course we said yes. So the dessert for the day was a delicious chocolate cake.

Oh and on the fashion front...both Jesse and I wore our kilts. And brown t-shirts. This greatly amused the hauka-ladies who decided we matched so closely that this must be the "official Haukafell men's uniform".

So again, I'm grateful to everyone who showed up. We all enjoyed the day and I am looking forward to organizing another park moot. Thanks!

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April 3rd, 2008

colmunson @ 04:21 pm: Park Moot, April 19, Green Lane PA, 11am - dusk

We hope everyone will be able to attend our Kindred's Park Moot on April 19 in Green Lane Park, Green Lane, PA. (also known as Upper Perkiomen Valley Co. Park)

It will be a day of relaxation, fresh air, food and socializing for adults and halflings alike. While the kidlets lay siege to the park's playground equipment and many climbable rocks, grown-ups can lounge about and enjoy picnic fare or a game of Kubb.

* Start: 11:00 am -- Food should start coming off the grill around noon.

* End: Dusk, or whenever we get tired and go home.

* Food: Picnic stuff! We will be using a park grill to do dogs and burgers. Want to bring a contribution? Cool! Just let us know what.

* RSVP or Questions: Haukafell@haukafellkindred.org

* Directions:

Google Map


Generally for area locals: Take your best route to Rt. 29 (from the Lehigh Valley and north, you will probably use PA 309 or the NE ext. of the turnpike to Rt. 663 (Quakertown). Then take 663 south to Pennsburg. Then turn left onto Rt. 29S)

** Note: Use the Hill Rd. park entrance off of Rt.29 - this is closest to the picnic area and playground. This is the northern entrance (as opposed to Snyder Rd. further south on Rt. 29) Heading south from Pennsburg/Green Lane, this entrance is on your right on a sharp bend in the road as it goes down hill. Go slowly and watch for it. If you come to the junction of Rt. 29 and Rt. 63 (Liberty gas station), you have gone too far. Locals may know this park as the site of the Green Lane Scottish Irish Festival in September.

Below is a link to a google satellite map zoomed in on the lot where we'll be parking. How cool is that?

View Larger Map

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